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About Our Practice

Each day at Advanced ENT Sinus Center we strive to provide the best, most personal and efficient ENT care to our patients. Our dedicated office staff will help take care of you from your first phone call throughout your visits.

We treat the entire spectrum of ENT disorders for all patients, pediatric and adult. We have a state-of-the-art facility offering in house CT scanning, hearing and balance testing, and cutting-edge office procedures. Dr. Hudson maintains surgical privileges at all major hospitals as well as outpatient surgery centers in our area in order to accommodate the preferences of our patients and their insurance companies. We take pride in efficient care and minimal wait times for medical and surgical care.

The aim of medicine is to prevent disease and prolong life…
William J. Mayo

We understand that, while we deal with other medical providers, surgery centers, and insurance companies every day, you may not. With this in mind, our thoughtful staff will help you navigate your treatment by coordinating appointments, sending records, obtaining referrals and authorizations, and assisting you with the financial aspects of your care.

Advanced ENT Sinus Center is proud of the commitment of our providers and staff to the quality care of our patients. We understand that when you choose Dr. Hudson to provide your care, you are choosing our entire office.  

Thank you for that confidence and trust.