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Because of our High Desert climate and extremes in elevation that we encounter on a day-to-day basis many people encounter ear problems in our region. Dr. Hudson treats a full spectrum of ear problems for both adult and pediatric patients.

With extensive training in the medical and surgical management of ear disorders we are able to help you return to your optimal functioning as soon as possible. With our in-office diagnostic equipment we are able to assess your hearing and ear functioning in one appointment. Additionally, should it be necessary to evaluate your ears with imaging we have the ability readily available to streamline our care and make a more efficient experience for our patients.

Some of the more common services that we provide are:

Ear Tubes

Ear tubes can be an extremely helpful tool to keep your ear running normally. They allow a normal pressure to be achieved in the ear and can help to dry out the ear as well. This creates a normal hearing experience for many. Additionally, ear infections are decreased making for a better life for Mom’s and Dad’s!

Hearing & Balance Testing

If you are one of the 60 million individuals that have suffered from hearing problems we can help identify the cause of your hearing problem and identify possible treatment options that may be suitable for improving your life. In cases of balance problems we have a fully equipped balance lab on-site that allows you to be able to pinpoint your problem so we can get you running right again.

Middle Ear Surgery

Unfortunately, sometimes disease in the ear can create problems with the hearing mechanism in our middle ear making it difficult to hear. Dr. Hudson is able to diagnose and treat these problems with surgery that can replace the original bones and allow you to hear again restoring your quality of life.