Sinus pain solutions you can use

A lot of patients will ask me about what they can do to improve their chances of not getting sinus pain or pressure.  When you look around the internet there is a lot of information that is out there.  Unfortunately, a lot of the information isn’t as helpful, and some are certainly unhelpful!

This article that I came across is full of helpful information.  It also covers an increasingly common form of therapy, essential oils.

As you read through the article remember that each of these different methods of treatment can help.  If you find that using a technique causes you relief – Good!  However, if you have worsening of symptoms make sure that you stop and reassess how you are doing.  Each individual is unique, and there is no one universal solution to sinus issues.

One thing that isn’t mentioned in this article and seems obvious is the cessation of smoking.  Many times patients do not even consider that this could be a significant factor.   Smoking cessation will not only have positive benefits for your sinuses but for your overall health as well!

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