Problems Hearing

It is somewhat natural as we age to have a decrease in her hearing acuity. However at times it does cause social problems and makes interactions with others difficult. If you feel like you’re having problems hearing the first thing to do is to discuss it with your primary care provider, audiologist, or ENT.  Then arrange for diagnostic testing to determine the seriousness of the condition, typically an audiogram. Hearing is only one of the senses that we relate to the outside environment with. It is very important that it be addressed as it can truly decrease the quality of life.

Ringing in your Ears

A common symptom of the auditory system is ringing. Many people wonder whether or not occasional ringing is something to worry about. The auditory system will occasionally make changes and adapt to those changes which will result in benign ringing that is transitory. However, if you are an individual that is having significant ringing that is distracting or decreasing the quality of your life it should be evaluated. Ringing, for the most part, is a sign of progress of nerve damage however it can also signal more serious underlying conditions that should be evaluated.


At one time or another everyone has had difficulty with her balance. However, for some it becomes an issue that compromises their safety. If you are having issues with imbalance and you are unable to move freely and it is interfering with your free time, or job it should be looked at. Dizziness is a symptom, and the underlying cause should be explored. Quite frequently patients who have imbalance issues can be treated with simple and office maneuvers or vestibular therapy to improve their quality of life.

Ear Pain

The complex structures of the year include the outer ear, middle ear, and in her ear. Because they reside in the base of the skull any process that causes infection or inflammation can become intensely painful. To make matters somewhat more difficult, the ear is in such close proximity to the TMJ that it can be influenced by this relationship as well. If you are having recurrent ear infections which may be compromising your hearing, or causing balance difficulties your ear needs to be looked at to find the most optimal way to make it function.