Nose & Sinus

Sinus pain:

Most individuals who have sinus pain feel pressure in the for head, midface or between the eye region.

This is typically caused by difficulties with inflammation causing narrowing of the nasal airway and sinus openings. The subsequent inflammation will cause pressure to increase giving rise to headaches, facial pain, and even tooth pain. If you have noticed that you are having these type of symptoms and needs to be evaluated as the source of inflammation can cause damage to the inside of the sinus and nose over a long period of time.

A helpful site to visit is this one from the American Academy of Otolaryngology which has helpful tips.

Long-term congestion:

Individuals with long-term nasal congestion causing them to not be able to breathe fully through the nose and potentially even augment their breathing by utilizing their mouth need to have the inside of their nose and sinuses looked at. The most frequent problem that individuals will have our nasal allergies, internal disruption of the structures inside the nose (broken nose, deviated septum) and sinus issues such as infection and polyps.