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Your treatment team will be Dr. Hudson & Theresa Birchfield, PA-C. We personalize your treatment to your unique set of circumstances, and we will help guide you through your treatment options at your appointment. Our office has Northern Nevada’s first in-office radiology suite for detailed imaging of the paranasal sinuses as well as the ear and other vital areas of the ENT domain.  This allows us a synergistic approach to the diagnosis of difficult disease processes.  

In general, we will make sure that your medical management has been optimized to the fullest extent possible. In cases where that has been achieved, we will discuss other options for treatment if they apply to your condition such as in-office procedures or surgery.  

We do see a limited number of other ENT disorders, but our focus is on patients with significant sinus disease and nasal-related disorders. 


Balloon Sinus Dilation

This office-based minimally invasive technique is used to treat chronic or recurrent sinusitis when medical therapy has not provided adequate relief.


During this procedure, Dr. Hudson uses a small balloon (6 or 7 mm), placed through the nose, to dilate the sinus openings that are blocked causing the symptoms of sinusitis. These can range from pressure, drainage, headaches, or congestion. The results are permanent, and it does not require nasal or sinus packing or general anesthesia.

To learn more about this procedure, watch this video.

Vivaer Nasal Obstruction Treatment

Vivaer Nasal Airway Remodeling is a new treatment that can help you breathe freely again. This modern solution was designed and created to treat obstructions within the nasal valve. Vivaer® treatment is safely performed in our office and requires no incisions.


The inside of your nose is gently reshaped using controlled low-temperature radiowaves. This minimally invasive treatment shrinks tissue and cartilage inside the nose and opens up your nasal valve. You will see lasting results almost immediately without changing the appearance of your nose. Vivaer® is a safe, effective, and quick long-term solution to your nasal congestion. Some of the many benefits include an office procedure that only requires local anesthesia.


The specific treatment that is designed to fix the most common cause of nasal airway obstruction, is the nasal valve. Gently reshapes the nasal airway, providing an effective and permanent solution. No cutting or incisions and no need to destroy tissue or cartilage. It is a quick procedure that only takes 15 minutes. The opportunity for immediate relief with no need for a recovery period.

To learn more about this procedure, watch this video.


Chronic Drippy Nose Treatment

The RhinAer® Procedure is a noninvasive office-based treatment option for patients who suffer from moderate to severe chronic rhinitis. Symptoms include a watery runny nose and a watery post-nasal drainage. If your nose is always runny, you may be one of the millions of people living with chronic rhinitis.


Until now, treatment often meant managing symptoms with daily medications and sprays. For many patients, these symptoms may be caused by abnormal signals in the nose. Now, your physician can offer you the RhinAer® procedure to disrupt these signals and provide lasting relief without surgery. Lasting relief is possible without surgery

To learn more about this procedure, watch this video.

Propel Medicated Sinus Implant

PROPEL is a small, absorbable, stent-like device intended for use following sinus procedures to maintain the passages remain open.


PROPEL sinus stent uses a clever combination of device design and medication delivery to improve the outcomes of sinus procedures and provide relief of chronic sinusitis symptoms at the source.

To learn more about this procedure, watch this video.

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